How Do I Get Started?

  1. New teachers simply register to use this free tool. Users who already had a Web Worksheet Wizard or Project Poster account can simply login with their previous login information. All your previous work will be in this new tool.
  2. Teachers create classes and a class code is automatically created for each class.
  3. Teachers can then start making Web pages.
  4. Teachers wanting to assign a project to the class can print out class codes for the students and hand them out with the assignment.
  5. Students plan their posters, then click on 'Create a New Poster' link in the Student Login box and fill in the requested information.
  6. Teachers view and archive students' posters when managing classes.
  7. Students can edit their own posters at any time by typing their poster ID number and password in the Student Login box.
  8. Teachers and students can view their pages by entering the ID number, teacher name, or class code in the Search for a Poster and Worksheet section.
  9. Teachers can use the Teacher Feature option to automatically make a class page that links to all archived student projects in that class.